Darkcon Film School

January 9, 2012 — The great folks over at DarkCon 2012 and Jon Bonnell of Infinite Spectrum Productions are bringing Film School to the masses.  Jon will be hosting four seminars on Film Making at DarkCon 2012 this year.  DarkCon runs January 12th through the 15th.  The Film School seminars will be the afternoon of the 14th and 15th.

DarkCon promises to be great fun for everyone, even if you aren’t participating in the film school.  Come on out!

Here’s the schedule:

Makeup FX on a Budget (Saturday, Jan 14th, 1pm to 3pm)
Hosted by Tim Richards.  Learn and see how to do makeup FX on a budget for your film

Visual FX Aren’t Rocket Science (Saturday, Jan 14th, 3pm to 5pm)
The wizards behind Voyage Trekkers Season 1, Nathan Blackwell, David Stipes, Nathan Stipes, and Diane Cook, will share tricks of the trade on making virtual sets, masks, props and other visual FX work.  David Stipes was Visual Effects Supervisor on such TV classics as Star Trek the Next Generation, Voyager, and Deep Space Nine.  They’ll discuss and show you how they made virtual sets, masks, props and other special effects.

Actors are People Too (Sunday, Jan 15th, 1pm to 3pm).
Kevin R. Phipps, director and acting coach, will provide tools and techniques for both actors and directors to better work together.

I Gotta Do What?!! an Indie Filmmakers Guide to Selling Their Film (Sunday, Jan 15th, 1pm to 3pm)
Jon Bonnell will discuss how to design your project from the beginning to be saleable.  We’ll look at keyart and trailer designs (from the bizzare to the marketable), casting choices, how to market to your niche, and how to maximize your return.  Its all about maximizing the return on your money.



President, CEO and Producer
Jon Bonnell

Education and Outreach
KellyAnn Bonnell

Aaron Ginn-Forsberg

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