Tsunami? Earthquake? Disaster Wars hits

Disaster Wars had its theatrical debut in the Philippines in December, but now the Tsunami has moved north.  Disaster Wars is coming out on DVD in Japan soon.

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Tsunami? Earthquake? Disaster Wars hits Japan

Jon Bonnell nominated for 2014 Arizona G

We are pleased to announce that Jon Bonnell, founder of Infinite Spectrum Productions, White Hogan Pictures, and I Gotta Do What?!!! was nominated this month for the 2014 Arizona Governor’s Arts

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Jon Bonnell nominated for 2014 Arizona Governor’s Arts Award

Hosting Phoenix Comicon Film School 2014

Jon Bonnell will be organizing and hosting the first ever Phoenix Comicon Film School. We’ll have a dozen classes on topics from financing to final post of sound and music.  Visual FX, Casting,

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Hosting Phoenix Comicon Film School 2014

The Distribution Standoff

Jon Bonnell spoke at the IFP panel “Filmmaker Fusion – Film Marketing, Promotion, and Distribution” on November 20th.  The panel was a discussion on traditional versus non-traditional d

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The Distribution Standoff

Disaster Wars finishes Post Production

Disaster Wars: Earthquake vs Tsunami has completed post production and will be shipping to our presale buyers around the world very soon.  Enjoy the trailer…

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Disaster Wars finishes Post Production

Welcome to the Convergence

From film and television to social networking and microblogging, podcasts to viral video, graphic novels to virtual worlds, we use the tools of the new millennium to market, promote, and produce the mythologies of a new generation.

We are a production company with an educational focus.  Here are our other affiliate websites:

igottadowhat whitehogan popgoes-card azproduction
I Gotta Do What?!! provides a comprehensive set of tools for filmmakers to navigate the creation, financing, producing, and distribution of their films… Answers to getting your films made, seen, and sold worldwide. White Hogan Pictures prides itself in bringing quality, marketable films for worldwide distribution. Pop Goes the Classroom is an innovative professional development opportunity that introduces educators to pop culture as a tool to engage students. News and releases on Film, Television, and New Media production in Arizona. The only way for people to know about it is to tell them.

Our Demo Reel:

At the intersection, Infinite Spectrum Productions is on the edge of pop culture where the lines of traditional and new media blur.  Infinite Spectrum Productions is a Convergence Media Company, embracing existing and new media resources, to create high quality products for a commercially driven world.


President, CEO and Producer
Jon Bonnell

Education and Outreach
KellyAnn Bonnell

Aaron Ginn-Forsberg

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